RYAN DANGER SIMS            



Bachelor of Arts, University of California at Santa Barbara
Art Studio: Emphasis in Digital Imaging


“Telecast” Display contained multiple television sets linked to a singular, nine-hour, unbroken video feed broadcasting an image of me watching television. The spatial relationship is organized to suggest that I am looking directly at the viewer who is, in turn, looking at me.

“Restroom Intercom” Two-way radios were installed in public lavatories, creating a reciprocal communication link between men’s and women’s restrooms, transmitting ambient sound and conversation.

“Commemorative Plates” A set of serialized hand-painted plates are displayed to the audience and accompanied by an infomercial video in which the cheap, valueless plates are presented as priceless keepsakes.

“Disc A Day” This project catalogues small increments of my daily life in 15 second MPEG videos. I shot singular 15 second clips everyday for five consecutive months onto individual floppy discs.

“Damage” Black and white film juxtaposing contrasting visual and sound elements. Viewer observes locations in which violence has occurred and is privy to it’s impact or aftermath, while listening to calming, classical music.

“Saturation” Brief video clip of a young man engrossed in a computer screen interspersed with a rapid sequence of corporate advertising and media images.

“Burst” A series of short black and white videos in which each clip contains a nearly undetectable burst of alternate footage.

“Free Rides” This project involved driving an automobile through Santa Barbara, California, displaying a sign reading “free rides” and picking up passengers. I would then engage in conversation while driving trusting passengers to any desired destination in an extremely unsafe, reckless, and convoluted manner.

“Scavenger Hunt” The hunt entailed inventing a religious organization and creating a false scavenger list containing several “already obtained” items and two “still needed” items. I went door-to-door asking for, and often receiving, the two remaining items: home answering machine tapes and one-dollar bills.

Digital And Still Photography
“Survey 2002” A series of sepia tone photographs of suburban homes exhibiting American flags.

“Belongings” A continuous, exhaustive digital archive of my material possessions.

“Identification” This ongoing project features a range of official identification documentation.

“Black And White 35mm Series One” Surveillance photographs of miscellaneous locations and objects. Viewer must determine and assign relevance to surveyed images.

“Black And White 35mm Series Two” Photographs capturing the perspective of an individual imagining or about to commit an act of violence. The photographs document the moments immediately before and after the violence occurs.

"Our Valuables" ourvaluables.blogspot.com - An ongoing project featuring a range of individuals, each holding their most valued possession.

"linkinglog" ryandangersims.com/art/linkinglog - A diary wherein each word links to a found image or website.

"The Invisiblog" the-invisiblog.blogspot.com - The world's first invisible blog.


“NeatO” Satirical collaborative project that entailed creating a mock corporation and selling a non-existent product.

“In the Name of the Place” The first primetime public art project in television history. Set pieces and props were placed in view of the camera and broadcast internationally on the Melrose Place television program. I worked with Constance Penley, chair of UC Santa Barbara's Department of Film Studies, as a film editor for the project.


1995 Greece
1997 Northern Mexico
1999 Australia
2001 Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay
2005 Southern Mexico
2006 Jamaica
2008 Belize, Guatemala
2009 Costa Rica