our valuables – 2000-2010
A collection of people's most valued objects.

  the invisiblog – 2007
The world's first invisible blog.
  linkinglog – 2006
A diary wherein each word links to a found image or website.
    burst – 2001
A series of short black and white videos.
  disc a day – 2000
15 second MPEG videos shot one per day onto floppy discs.
  damage – 2000
Short black and white film.
  telecast – 2000
Nine hour broadcast of myself in front of a television.
  commemorative plates – 2000
A series of hand painted keepsakes.
  belongings – 2000
Continuous archive of my possessions.
  scavenger hunt – 1999
A social experiment for profit.
  photographs – 1998
Two separate series of black and white 35mm photographs.